To Stand In Your Shadow Is To Be Home
My name is Kyle Petrie.

Vocalist for Live This Down



Pain flickers in my brain
A tiny pinch that creates a ripple
Spreads throughout my veins
And I am made aware
I am constructed from rage

I am aware of your damage

And you will know my name
And you will know all of their names

"Bring consent out of the bedroom. I think part of the reason we have trouble drawing the line “it’s not okay to force someone into sexual activity” is that in many ways, forcing people to do things is part of our culture in general. Cut that shit out of your life. If someone doesn’t want to go to a party, try a new food, get up and dance, make small talk at the lunchtable—that’s their right. Stop the “aww c’mon” and “just this once” and the games where you playfully force someone to play along. Accept that no means no—all the time."


every time i see this i laugh so hard i’m in physical pain


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